I am a writer, health coach, and blogger. While my path over the past 30-something years has taken many turns, one thing has remained constant: I write.

My goal as a writer is to provide content for publications — magazines, books, blogs, websites — in three areas where I am knowledgeable and also passionate. These areas are:

1. Health and Wellness, including diet, nutrition, weight loss, healthy lifestyle choices, food, cooking, recipes, exercise, self-love, working with a health coach, and balancing it all;

2. Time and Stress Management, for lawyers, other professionals, and busy moms;

3. Legal issues, including civil and criminal law, litigation, discovery, legal writing, legal research, contracts, alternative career choices, working part-time, working with coaches, and law school.

I have never missed a deadline. I work well with editors; I don’t mind when my words are changed to fit the editor’s audience or slant. And I take constructive criticism well.

If you would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at jamie@spannhake.com.


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