I have been writing about six articles each year for Attorney at Work for the past six years. Search “Jamie J. Spannhake” at Attorney at Work to find my articles.

Five Ways to Build Fitness Into Your Day,” Attorney at Work, May 2015.

Five Ways Your Smart Phone Can Keep You Healthy,” Attorney at Work, March 2015.

Feature: “Get the Career You Want with a Professional Development Coach,” Connecticut Lawyer, July/August 2014.

“Five Best Productivity Tips,” Attorney at Work, July 2013. HTML

Feature: “Lawyers’ Time Management Secrets,” A Matter of Time, Attorney at Work quarterly e-zine, Summer 2013. HTML

“Staying Healthy: 10 Tips for Traveling Lawyers,” Attorney at Work, April 2012. HTML

“Five Ways to Get (and Stay) Healthy Now,” Attorney at Work, March 2012. HTML

“A Review: Women on Top – The Woman’s Guide to Leadership and Power in Law Firms,” Law Practice Today webzine, January 2011. HTML

Feature: “Using a Professional Development Coach to Help Build Your Practice,” Law Practice Today webzine, December 2010. HTML  PDF

Feature: “Step by Step: Tips to Working with a Professional Development Coach,” Law Practice Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2010.  HTML  PDF

Feature: “Step by Step: Tips to Working with a Professional Development Coach,” republication in GP/Solo Magazine’s “Best of the ABA Articles,” March 2011.  HTML  PDF

“Developed Under Pressure, Polished to Perfection: The Upcoming ABA Women Rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop,” Law Practice Today webzine, August 2010.  HTML

“View From Here: Vedia Jones-Richardson: Lawyer, Rainmaker, Entrepreneur,” Law Practice Magazine, July/August 2010 edition.  HTML  PDF

“Lessons in Rainmaking,” Law Practice Magazine, May/June 2010.  HTML  PDF

Ongoing monthly article in The Citizen News, a local newspaper, providing updates from the Town of Sherman Board of Education, beginning April 2010.

“Work-Life Balance Scheduling,” which was part of a feature article collection entitled “Signs of Innovative Life in the Practice of Law,” Law Practice Magazine, April/May 2009.  HTML  PDF

“The Ten Basic Principles of a Healthy Diet,” The Complete Lawyer, a series of articles from November 2008 to April 2009.

“How To Stay Energized In Spite of Your Hectic Schedule,” Electronically In Touch, a publication of the New York State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section, February 2008.  HTML

Various substantive legal topics,, 2010:

Academic Articles:

  • Trial of the Accused Taliban and Al Qaeda Operatives Captured in Afghanistan, 34 CUMB. L. REV. 195 (2004).
  • Note: “Regulation S” and the Territorial Approach to Securities Regulation: Are They Effective?, 28 BROOK. J. INT’L L. 613 (2003).

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